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Eden - a whale of a time!

Eden – a whale of a time

Eden is a lovely seaside community and the last large town heading south from New South Wales into Victoria. It is steeped in the history of whaling (from 1828 to 1930), currently a commercial fishing port and is home to a huge variety of marine-life.

For touring, adventure or a family getaway, Eden has something for everyone.

Top 5 things to do and see

Eden Killer Whale Museum (www.killerwhalemuseum.com.au)
Eden and Twofold Bay have a long and rich whaling history based on shore-based whaling stations and Old Tom, whose skeleton can be found in the Eden Killer Whale Museum. The museum, established in 1931, and one of the oldest in NSW is a delight for both adults and children and a great place to learn about the history of Old Tom and whaling in the area, before you move on to other whale-related discoveries that dot the area.

Marine Discoveries
Eden is where the East Australian Current from the north meets the colder waters from Bass Strait, providing for a huge diversity in marine population as it stirs up huge quantities of food. Whether you simply want to whale-watch from the shore, go deap dea diving with shipwrecks, snorkelling, or something more sedate, there is something for every palate. The Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre (www.sapphirecoastdiscover.com.au) is a great place to start, for adults and children alike. This is an interactive, educational and fun experience.

Snug Cove Marina precinct
Snug Cove is home to the Eden Fishing fleet an worth a visit for a number of reasons. It’s a great place to eat, with a variety of waterfront restaurants, you can look at the fishing fleet in all its colourful glory, and even buy produce off the dock. Its also home to the Marine Discovery Centre, above.

Boyd’s Tower and Davidson Whaling Station Historic Site
Entrepreneur Benjamin Boyd build Boyd’s Tower originally as a lighthouse in the 1840s at the southern headland of Twofold Bay. The government stopped the lighthouse being put into operation and instead it was used as a lookout tower to signal whalers to head to their boats. Just a short walk from the carpark, this is certainly an interesting part of history. Nearby you’ll also find the Davidson Whaling Station Historic site, that together help to complete the history of whaling lesson learnt in the Killer Whale Museum.

Ben Boyd National Park
Named after Benjamin Boyd, the main landmarks of the National Park are Boyd’s tower and Green Cape Lightstation, linked, if you’ve got the energy to walk, by the 30km ‘Light to Light’ which offers striking coastal scenery. It is also home to more than 50 aboriginal sites. Touris of the tower and grounds at Green Cape are conducted by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Holiday options
Great for families or adventurers of all types.

When to go?
Any time of year is good in Eden, although during the whale migration season in September, October and November it is more popular. The cooler months are a better time for walking and exploring rather than in the heat of summer.

How to get there?
Midway between Sydney and Melbourne – well, nearly. Approx 7 hours from Sydney and 7 and a half from Melbourne and just over 3 hours from Canberra.

How long to go for?
At least a week, there is plenty to do. Accommodation bookings on weekends are essential particularly during whale watching season.

Where to Stay? – There is a huge range of accommodation in Eden

Tourist Information
An annual visitors guide is published on the area, the website at www.sapphirecoast.com.au or visitor information centres at Bega and Eden.

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